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1001STONED & 1001POP These are independent labels focused on rock and pop artists. Which are also youtube channels and promote not only our artists, but artists from other labels building a partnership around an audience that consumes the same kind of music genre.

The two channels together exceed more than 6.000.000 views

having a significant reach across the planet. 

Our biggest listeners are Americans, British and French.

Brazilians are close behind, together with Germans and Canadians.

The work has been carefully designed to reach a global audience.

It was founded in 2018 by musician and cultural producer Gabriel Flag. Whose previous work debuted in Rolling Stone magazine,

Gabriel Flag popularized the term known as "Stoner Rock" in southern Brazil, worked with Truckfighters and Radio Moscow, was part of the production of the Festival do livre olhar, Carne Doce, Barbara Eugenia, O Garoto de Júpiter movie. Among other renowned artists.

His work has already been praised by Jack Endino (Nirvana, Soundgarden, Mudhoney Producer)

Music label partnerships include European label Creep Purple on YouTube promotion on Live Maryland Deathfest  by Electric Wizard,

the Demos & Outtakes 98-02 by Nebula, the musical label of Brant Bjork (Kyuss and Fu manchu) Heavy Psych Sound and the last album of Clutch, Monster MagnetCandlemass, Meat Puppets and Mickey Leigh (Joey Ramone's Brother)

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We do distribution, booking, advisory, visual creation, management, mixing, mastering, video clips and marketing services.

And unlike other stamps that say they love to receive material but don't have time to answer them. Well, we have!

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